Finally … 

… the FedEx package arrives Monday morning . Let´s go to the Mercedes Service at Beaverton and have that plugged in and hit the road. The guys back in Germany said it´s easy. 

Joe at MB is a great mechanic . He plugs the control unit in and does as was described. BUT .. surprise-surprise , the car would not start as it should. Basically int behaves like before. WHAT ???

Ím about to go crazy … better call the specialists in Germany, not easy with a time difference of  +/- 9 hours . My friends back there are really helpful though and I keep talking to the Mercedes engineer and Joe back an forth. After having programmed all 6 injectors to the new control unit there is some but not significant progress. There must be something else !

The computer shows there is no pressure while cranking – so that’s the problem. The problems seems to be within the rail system. So the car must stay behind with Joe while I go back to my relatives and not on the road .

Next morning Joe obviously has the solution: there has been a contamination with regular gasoline instead of Diesel … WHAT ??? How should that have happened ? 

It seems a common problem in Oregon as you are not allowed to pump gas yourself but have some guys at the station do it. Although, if they can read .. it says DIESEL in big letters right at the tank cap. On the other hand here the cap would be green a well as the nozzle – so for those who cannot read ! I do not have a green cap … I don’t know ! As far as i can recall and reconstruct there was no problem with that. As far as the Dylan from MB says it also happens that the gas itself is contaminated …

So they cleaned out the whole system as far as possible. Put a new filter in and new Diesel and now it woks. It will eventually stutter a bit at the beginning but than run smoothly. The guys back in Germany reassure me that they would go ahead – everything should be ok.

OK – here I am back playing ! 

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