Hell´s Revenge

It doesn’t leavened alone … now I am here with my 4×4 , I won’t probably be coming back , at least not with my own vehicle … !

And … tomorrow is my birthday !

So I decide to take the trail with a guide , I should not do it on my own for sure as I don’t know what to expect. I call the guys at Dan Mick´s – and yes they can accommodate me the next day ! Great !

We meet at the trailhead the next morning. Richard will be our guide with his modified Jeep Wrangler.

Perfect sunshine but pretty cold – it won’t be long before I am sweating. I am anxious about this tour. First thing – air down the tires to 1.5 bar ! In preparation I had taken all my gear and stuff out of the car and the kayak off the food rack. Probably a good idea to get lighter and less top-heavy. My Mercedes G-Wagon has 3 differential locks. I put in the low range and the middle lock to start with. I eventually put in the rear lock too as needed. I never needed the front lock at all.

Richard has a walkie-talkie so we can communicate as I follow him along on unknown terrain. And off we go !

3 hours pass by quickly. The scenery is amazing. There is a break at the Colorado river overlook and I can see from here where I was kayaking the other day. Now I know even more about the capability of my vehicle. There is probably any place where I can go – this was not the limit yet.

I get more confident too which is good for the next challenges coming up. Great experience – recommended for anyone coming to Moab !

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