National Parks – National Monuments

„In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks“

John Muir

Pictures above are from „Grand Staircase Escalante NM

After having traveled across the US for several months and more than 30.000 km now I am more impressed than ever before about the natural wonders I was able to see and feel. I was ever impressed how these were protected by the National Parks Service and others and I think this is one of the greatest achievements ever made. I have a deep feeling these wonders should not belong to anyone but be left alone as they are just belonging to themselves for the enjoyment of mankind – my impression was that everyone I met so far thinks and feels the same way.

It really surprises me therefore to read the following:

Trump shrinks two huge national monuments in Utah, drawing praise and protests

The move, sure to spark litigation, is the largest cut in public lands protection in U.S. history.

This does not make any sense to me. I hope it is not just the beginning …!

Ein Gedanke zu „National Parks – National Monuments“

  1. Lieber Karim, danke für die tolle Berichterstattung 🙂 verrückt das sich Trump nun genau auf die Monumente stürzt die du jetzt durch Glück noch GROSS kennengelernt hast. Ich drücke, wie immer, die Daumen für den Erhalt und weiteren Schutz der Naturgebiete in der jetzigen Grösse.
    Viel Erfolg für Dich, beim Erlernen der Kunst der Langsamkeit, wir haben da alle viel zu Lernen, deshalb ist ja ACHTSAMKEIT so ein Hype…

    Gefällt 1 Person

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