E-Mobility and Vans

While I am driving a lot I see al lot of other vehicles. Ever since I am in California I have seen a lot of Tesla but also for example BMW i3 and i5 – cars I had seen on display in showrooms only so far but never on the street.

So other than in Germany it seems to be an upcoming business here.

One other thing that really strikes me are all these Volkswagen vans I see around ! I have never seen this many VW vans – and I mean T1 and T2 as well as T3 not the ugly ones of today anywhere else !

It seems there are a lot of „freaks“ around that kept these vans in good shape – very cool !

This may be the reason why I ran into this Volkswagen people with their iBuzz twice while I was in Venice. Once right on Venice Beach and the next day on Abbott Kinney Street . They were obviously on a promotion and/or photo tour. THIS is a cool van !!! Must see and have :-))

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