Adios México, hasta la proxima …

After 5 weeks in México I haven’t seen most of it. Unfortunately I will have to travel on but eventually I will come back !

México being 6 times bigger than Germany has a lot to offer! Unlike a lot of places there is a diverse natural beauty from desert to rainforest to high mountains , from pacific coast surf beaches to carribean „white sand , cristal clear blue water“ and rich marine life reefs. What more could one ask for ? But yes there is also a fascinating and rich history be it pre Columbian cultures or Hispanic history.

It is impossible to see and do everything this country has to offer even not in 5 weeks. I have a book of another overlander on the panam who spent one year here – and I don’t blame him !

It was obvious from the beginning and becomes more and more reality that one year can be a short period of time for the given project. On the other hand it is and remains a road trip with a certain goal and so it´s good to take as much impressions home as possible being perfectly clear that it´s not possible (if ever) to completely get what every country along the way has to offer.

So my personal focus was on Baja California on one hand and on Yucatan peninsula on the other. This worked out quite well although I had some problems with spare parts etc. as reported before. This kept me in Cancun longer than necessary.

I could still enjoy the deserts and beaches on Baja , visit the whales and swim with the whaleshark – it´s a great part of Mexico but obviously also much different from the mainland.

One fabulous week to relax was spent with Petra and Leonie on Isla Mujeres. One week of sunshine , hanging out on the beach , swimming and diving – great!

Small villages mostly affected by a church or monastery that was built after the Spanish invasion – so quite old and nice. History Mayan villages , more than one can ever visit. Great places of sofisticated architecture and art. I will post separately on Mayan culture as soon as I have understood and read more about it.

I have met a lot of very friendly and helpful people that were happy that I (and others) visited their country that they are proud of. I have not met any „bad hombres“ (there is no doubt there are some in special regions) nor did I have any critical incident (besides „shit happens..“) in terms of criminal offense or betrayal. I loved the food although I was wondering why I could not buy tons of ready to eat Guacamole as I could in the US. I had to realize that not only the Mexican food in the US but also the Mexican supermarkets in the US are different too.

I ended up eating more in restaurant than cooking myself as the food was so cheap anyway.

Where there is light there always seems to be some shadow. So I also saw quite a lot of poor people . Especially as soon as you get into the countryside you will find a lot of poor (Mayan ?) villages with very poor houses, only unsaved roads and probably no running (nor clean) water and sewer. Garbage is a big problem. It will often be throw in the countryside just outside the village and eventually be burnt sometimes. A lot of vultures obviously take care of all organic garbage. Probably good as it is !

There is a lot more to say about México and I will try to give some more information shortly.

As far as I can tell right now – it is a great place to visit ! Go see it yourself !

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