Good to have …

It´s good to have a good mechanic around wherever you are on a trip like this. I have had several issues now where I needed professional help in order to be able to continue with my trip. I was glad and lucky that handcraft is well maintained in Central and South America as spare parts are not or rarely available.

So you may recall my post „shit happens“ which caught me in the middle of nowhere in Mexico. Yesterday it happened on that 70 km gravel stretch on the way from Gobernador Gregores to El Chaltén in Patagonia, Argentina. I had to turn around an get things fixed which on a Sunday was not that easy – imagine in Europe to find someone to fix a problem on your car or trailer on a Sunday !

The mechanic „el welder“ was ready to do the 3 hours repair right away after I had called him from his lunch.

So thanks to him and his craftsmanship I am back on the road and off to the final +/- 1000 km to Ushuaia – El fin del mudo.

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