Where the road ends …

Where the road ends here in Tierra del Fuego there is a small footpath to a beautiful lagoon. And there it is … the end of the world – el fin del mundo at least as far as driving and walking is concerned !

Next Stop is Antarctica but you will need a boat to get there … and a lot of money! Antarctica starts at around 4000 USD.

I stood there this morning in beautiful sunlight and clear blue sky. No one around befinde myself. Silence.

I started from Galbraith Lake, Alaska at +11.5 degrees Celsius on June 4, 2017, so at the transition of northern spring to summer and arrived here today, almost one year later at – 8.0 degrees Celsius at the transition of southern fall to winter. In between I drove exactly 42.112 kilometers along highways named „The Dalton“, „Top of the World“, „Alaska“, „Panamericana“, „Ruta 40“ and many more named or unnamed but not less beautiful.

Along the way I saw so many incredible nature ans historical as well as contemporary sites, met so many people and experienced us much beautiful and some difficult situations some of which I have already shared with you. There is much. More to write about than was possible during this intense time of traveling and I will continue to share even after I get back home in about 3 weeks from now. So stay tuned !

For now I am kind of overwhelmed from what I was able to experience and it will take much more time to realize every single thing. I am also a bit tired as are my car and trailer – they need a bigger workup. I need to get back together with Petra , my family and friends and share what I was able to experience .

Time to be thankful and happy !

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