Home sweet home …!

„Home is where wifi connects automatically“ …

When I came home my phone did NOT connect automatically – so what´s that ? A sign ?

No , just kidding ! My phone was obviously in a bad condition since months and I couldn’t connect to any wifi in weeks . So one of my first appointments here is at the Apple Store in Frankfurt where they (I did expect to need a new phone) could easily fix the problem by just resetting the settings. So now I am online again and connect automatically at home :-).

But how does it feel to be back ?

…  back in Germany

… back at home

… back from a year long roadtrip with so many impressions

… back to normal life after living in a trailer full time out in the nature most of the time with no limits and basically nothing to worry but where to drive to that day or what to that day

If have had more appointments during the past weeks than in this entire year !

I got back to work easier than expected. I am in the second week of my new job now and although it has been a bit of a hurry to make things work out I am really happy with what I am doing.

The major drawback is that I am working 320 km from home so I am again on my own during the week and separated from Petra and my home . So I am here in Bielefeld during the week and travel to Frankfurt for the weekends.

Although I returned only about 6 weeks from today I am back into daily routine. A lot of things had to be organized or checked out . I had to realize that the earliest point for me to retire will be in 5 years so it is of utter importance that I found a job that I love without the risk of falling back into former patterns.

I will talk about what I am currently doing later on .

Meanwhile I have to take care of Theo and the trailer . Both arrived in Hamburg safely in the container and are awaiting necessary work-up now to get ready for whatever comes next !

The first days and weeks felt strange but the more I had to take care of less I could think about it. Currently I am back into routine and try to keep up my memories. I haven’t even had much time to reunite with all of my friends but it seems that we have also developed in different ways during these past 18 months. We will see if we can all catch up.

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